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September 2006
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Kristi [userpic]
after my satan test on saturday I had to celebrate...
so I made icons.

loads of icons. pounds.

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walk the line
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goblet of fire/emma watson
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if you're gonna take any, please credit, cause I love them and I'm proud.


haha the boy who bathed

i cant WAIT to see rent! i looooove that song.
five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes!

Whoops... I accidently made a reply under my friend Jill's LJ username. So if you get email notifications, sorry about that.

Hmm, what did I say... oh, I asked to make a request, more Rent icons! And I guess to be more specific, Angel. I also said that they look absolutely amazing and to keep up the good work, seriously, they're so good.

you're so good. wanna make me a new carrie icon to go with my theme? :) haha, well, i guess you're a little crazy with school right, whenever you get around to it. :)

i can't wait until i get my own place and we can hang out there and be all cozy and you can watch tivo'd shows with me...commercial free! yay! think about'll all be ready when we're back for school. are you gonna be here for interterm? hmmm...? you better! you should at least live here during that time :P wait...maybe you'll be doing student teaching by then? when do you start?

oh, and i laughed soooo hard. "pounds." hahahahahahahaha.

i totally love you.