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Kristi [userpic]

I'm not dead.

Kristi [userpic]
not my post, but yours
debrief: this is the post of my longest best friend, jessica lee "uphoff" steffy. since probably none of you actually click on that "one of the best people I have ever met" link of mine, I thought I would share with you this particularly disturbing yet wonderfully written post. be prepared to shake your head in disgust at your fellow men.

Sunday, March 12, 2006
Oh, that? Don’t mind that. That’s just a person.

Tonight Josh called me while he was on his break at his other job (a certain coffee chain which shall remain nameless). He’s like, "Jess, you’re not gonna believe what happened tonight." You see, he’s a shift supervisor, and this was the end of the morning shift and the beginning of the evening shift. So there are more people around during shift changes than usual. This was a good thing tonight, because something bad happened.

The employee who was working at the drive-thru suddenly fell. Apparently she fell because she was having a seizure, and she also hit her head on the counter on her way to the floor. Josh was really scared. It’s a good thing that there were so many employees around to help. They called 911 and helped the girl out as best they could, but she was unconscious for a majority of the time after the seizure. All of the women went into action...each doing something to be useful in this awful situation. This left Josh and another guy standing there a little shaken up (and reasonably so!).

I should also mention that this all happened during a particularly busy "rush". So there were cars in the drive-thru waiting for their drinks and cars waiting to order. The line started backing up. The inside of the store was also busy, and the line started backing up in there too. But there’s an unconscious, seizing person on the floor, people! For the love of God! GEEZE!!! Ok, in all fairness, the people in the drive-thru didn’t see the girl lying on the floor...nor did they see the incident happen. So I can understand a certain degree of frustration on their parts. Some of the employees shut down the drive-thru and told the people who had already ordered what the situation was. But others were upset that they had to park and actually get out of the car *gasp* and go inside the store for their coffee.

Here’s the kicker, though: Josh was told to continue serving customers! I’m not kidding. It took the ambulance 20 minutes to arrive. And Josh was back behind the counter...having to step over this that he could make these idiotic people their frickin’ Venti, Non-fat, Mochas, with an extra shot of espresso. People who made it up to the front of the line could actually see that there was a real person on the floor...RIGHT THERE! But that didn’t stop them from spouting off their over-customized drink orders with a hint of frustration in their voice because of their abnormally long wait. Not one person asked whether she was alright or not. Not one person stumbled or delayed the ordering process with a second glance at the poor girl.

Where do I live? What are these things walking around that look like people? Because I was under the impression that the major distinguishing factor between human beings flippin’ animals is the fact that we have souls! We have a mind, a will, and emotions. We are capable of compassion. But sometimes when I hear about stuff like this happening, I honestly wonder if there is any distinction between people and animals anymore. Sorry to be a downer, guys...but come on! Now we even kill our own young...not just through abortion...but we also abandon them in trash cans and restroom stalls, we shake them to death or paralysis because we can’t control our anger, we choose to spend money on less important things at the expense of providing them with the nutrition and/or the environment that they need. I give the human race 10 years before we start eating our young too.


Ok...I know I can’t end there. I know there’s also a lot of good in this world. I mean, I just wrote a blog about how amazing my friends are and all that. But it’s really tough to see and hear things like this and not be angry. It’s a fallen, fallen, fallen world that we live in. So, just in case it’s not cut and dry, the moral of this story is: A person is and always will be more important than a Double Tall, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Non-fat Latte.

Kristi [userpic]
I forget myself, I want you to remind me...
everyday I pass signs...

ones that tug at my heart.
ones that throw my memories in my face.
ones that cause me to wonder about my future.

and then there's election signs.
"Judy Barr Topinka for Governor - Joe Birkett for Lt. Governor"

what in the CRAP is a Lt. Governor, I mean, don't answer...I know what it is...but what is this, the military?! how do they address these people? ......
"Bob, can you make sure and get those faxes out to the Treasurer?"
"Um, yes,"

why isn't it vice governor?
it's vice president! it's vice principal!

*why does one tree hill think its inspirational and dramatic?
cauuuuuuuse it's not.
yet, I still watch it. it's like a drug.
ok, except that camera shot was really good.*

if you haven't read The Giver, go. read it. right at this moment. it will change your life. it will change your outlook on life and everything that you have...the good and the bad. you will cry at the fact that you are able to experience colors, nature, love, and pain. seriously, quit reading the lame book you are reading and read this one instead.

everyday I feel like I am being judged. all the time. and I feel like I never do anything right. I really am trying my best, I want to be my best.

well, I am exhausted.
I need to watch that gg was so incredible.
what the crap? jess from gg is on a new show?!

my mom is the best.

Kristi [userpic]

this looks pretty entertaining.

idina freakin' menzel! oh, and the movie looks good.

Kristi [userpic]
aren't you watching women's ice skating?!
today was crappy at school, but dance was totally fun.
when I have my four year old girls, they "warm-up" by running back and forth...they like it. so I said, "ok girls, warm-up!" so they did their running for a few minutes and were having a gay old time....then megan (the name girl) walks up to me and says "I'm warm". cutest girl ever. need proof? behold.

megan's the one on the her name was just, "black". four year old girls are the funniest.

february 18, 2006
the wedding was spectacular.
amazing wedding party, awesome couple, ideal setting. it was just SO cool. honetly, how many people do you know that get married on a stage in a theatre?!

it was so much fun, too. I danced my butt off, and apparently the people at that wedding weren't aware of my dance history cause I kept getting "yarcho, you're such a great dancer!" was very flattering. and everyone kept saying how beautiful all us bridesmaids were, I haven't felt that beautiful in a LONG time...'bout 9 months. it was just so great, brad and amanda were announced at the reception and came down in a glass elevator to "land down under". we did all the classics-footloose, shout, swing music, cotton-eyed joe, hokey pokey, all kinds of stuff. I even got my dad up for a dance...while my "date" sat in the corner talking. I should have known it would have been that way, whatever dude.

here are some photos:)

the beautiful bride

the wedding party

me and dad

what is it about teaching that makes me want to order kids around...everywhere?
if kids are being noisy, I innately think I have the right to tell them to "BE QUIET!"

I'm all set for spring break with ali! we are heading to PA to see Poff! I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited...I get to see her home, her baby, her place of business...and best of all, we're going to NYC!!! that's right, nick! my second visit has arrived! we are only going for the day, but still, I get to see Kelly and possibly my old pal Kwan! Plus, New York, hello!!! I can't even imagine how freaking awesome it will be to hang out in NYC with two of my best friends.

well, I need to get to bed...that is, as soon as sasha cohen has performed.

3 amazing tuesdays:
today-rent on dvd
next tuesday-walk the line on dvd
and the tuesday after that-GOBLET OF FIRE on dvd!

unfortunately I only have enough $ to be buying goblet, we'll see...I really don't know if I can hold out.

Kristi [userpic]
stupid golden globes
I don't like award shows...but I watch them, and now I'm going to make some predictions.

for my grandma's sake I hope "good night and good luck" wins...but I'm sure "brokeback mountain" will, cause its about gay cowboys. I would pick "the constant gardener", that looked good...but I'm so annoyed, cause Munich should be nominated and so should the actors, cause its a-ma-zing.

"walk the line" needs to be win everything that its nominated for. everything. if reese and joaquin don't win, I'll be angry.
anthony hopkins is amazing, he is so scary. I didn't know he played hitler...holy crap. dang, he looks old. my favorite is ZORRO, he was a great zorro.

the only part I like about awards shows are all the clips they play, and seeing the actors I love all pretty.
but don't worry nick, I'll like awards shows when you're on them, winning all the awards.

I'm so glad steve carrell won, he's a comedic genius.
oh my gosh that's hilarious...all the housewives are nominated and then some random chick.

I hope "rome" wins, cause I love rome and I love that show...but "grey's" will probably win.
why isn't "the office" nominated for best comedy?! this is why, this is annoying.

and gilmore girls, seriously...get the picture foliks, look at the numbers!
"lackawanna blues" should win something becaue of its cool name.

sandra oh should win, cause she's so funny.
"lost" should win something, because...

I'm so glad I don't have to get up early.
oh crap, my groceries are still in the kitchen sitting out, bye!!

Kristi [userpic]

Oh God, I love you.

I love the way You speak to me.

Kristi [userpic]
elizabeth, I called you

it's black. it's beautiful. it's photo and video capable.

I also got my gg 5th season, the star wars trilogy, and scene it harry potter!
nick, I'm gonna play you.
I got the grimmerie!
I got a crock pot! and its green!

and I got the most amazing cook book...logan, we are 'goin' to town' with that thing.

I finished "the order of the phoenix"
best hp book ever.
I finished it at 2am last night, I couldn't stop.

we read Luke 2 before dinner.
and dinner was so yummy.

and tomorrow mom and I are leaving at 4 in the morning for north carolina.
michael, susanna, phoebe, asa, and evan!!!

in the meantime I get to look forward to time with nick, gwen, kelly, and elizabeth!
and in the midst of all this, my heart is weary...yet filled with the hope of Christ.

so. many. reminders.
all things work out for the Glory of those who love Him!!!

merry christmas!

ps. I found out some crappy information. one of my best pals, amanda, is getting married in february and I am a excited, right? except it just happens to fall on the same day as the last LAST LAST dance of my life. february 18. game at 1 in greenville. wedding at 2 in morton. suck. elizabeth, you have got to help me mend my wounds with this one...we need to figure something out!

Kristi [userpic]


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what a big girl

Kristi [userpic]
for elizabeth and jenny
angel, sjp, and moreCollapse )

and here's a picture from my last christmas dance...what a great great group of girls!
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and I was supposed to finish my portfolio tonight but stupid livetext (the website that they make the ed majors use) is down and it won't work. so, whatever...that just means I have one less thing accomplished. micro test and ea final, that's all that's left....oh and waiting for my test results...God is leading the way.

i'm not over it.

Kristi [userpic]
after my satan test on saturday I had to celebrate...
so I made icons.

loads of icons. pounds.

follow the yellow brick roadCollapse )

Kristi [userpic]

God is using me.

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