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Kristi [userpic]
stupid golden globes
I don't like award shows...but I watch them, and now I'm going to make some predictions.

for my grandma's sake I hope "good night and good luck" wins...but I'm sure "brokeback mountain" will, cause its about gay cowboys. I would pick "the constant gardener", that looked good...but I'm so annoyed, cause Munich should be nominated and so should the actors, cause its a-ma-zing.

"walk the line" needs to be win everything that its nominated for. everything. if reese and joaquin don't win, I'll be angry.
anthony hopkins is amazing, he is so scary. I didn't know he played hitler...holy crap. dang, he looks old. my favorite is ZORRO, he was a great zorro.

the only part I like about awards shows are all the clips they play, and seeing the actors I love all pretty.
but don't worry nick, I'll like awards shows when you're on them, winning all the awards.

I'm so glad steve carrell won, he's a comedic genius.
oh my gosh that's hilarious...all the housewives are nominated and then some random chick.

I hope "rome" wins, cause I love rome and I love that show...but "grey's" will probably win.
why isn't "the office" nominated for best comedy?! this is why, this is annoying.

and gilmore girls, seriously...get the picture foliks, look at the numbers!
"lackawanna blues" should win something becaue of its cool name.

sandra oh should win, cause she's so funny.
"lost" should win something, because...

I'm so glad I don't have to get up early.
oh crap, my groceries are still in the kitchen sitting out, bye!!

Here's your freakin comment!

Frickin frack Yarcho! Fine. Here I am. I'm making the effort to comment on your shrine to Harry Potter...even though you prolly won't make the effort to drag your sod-a-rific saggin' baggin' self out here to see me...WILL YOU? And even if you were planning on would I won't give me an answer!

I watched the Golden Globes too. Geena Davis is now my hero. I liked her before her amazingly awesome speech...but now she's the frackin' poo.

I've always liked Drew Barrymore (sp?) too...but she gotsta give those girls of hers a home. They need a good home...y'know? With lots of healthy support.

And I HATE how the tabloids jumped all over poor little Reese for wearing a dress that was previously worn by Kirsten Dunst (whom I've never really been a fan of). How lame are the tabloids? Seriously guys...grow up! Graduate from high school! Was it a slow celebrity news day or what? Go find Britney or an Olsen twin...and shove off!!!

There's your comment.

In other news...I got to lead a 19 year old girl to the Lord on Saturday. So I'm pretty stoked about that. The coolest thing about it was that I didn't have to do anything. She came to my house (I knew her from the market)...and we talkled for 6 hours. She asked questions, and I did my best to answer them using a lot of my own experiences and the bible. Pretty frickin' sweet. I can't take credit for it or was just too God-ish and perfect. It pretty much fell right into my lap. This chick was determined to get saved. She pretty much invited herself over...I might have said no...but she was pretty much like "See ya Saturday".

ouch, i'm a madeye fan, and yes, you do know me. you just don't know be by this sign name. it's nathan. sheesh... no killy!

I can't recall a Nathan at the moment...and if you did know me you wouldn't call me "moody" ever, that's freakin' rude.

i am so sorry. i thought you were one of the other Kristi's from GC. please forgive me.