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September 2006
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Kristi [userpic]
aren't you watching women's ice skating?!
today was crappy at school, but dance was totally fun.
when I have my four year old girls, they "warm-up" by running back and forth...they like it. so I said, "ok girls, warm-up!" so they did their running for a few minutes and were having a gay old time....then megan (the name girl) walks up to me and says "I'm warm". cutest girl ever. need proof? behold.

megan's the one on the her name was just, "black". four year old girls are the funniest.

february 18, 2006
the wedding was spectacular.
amazing wedding party, awesome couple, ideal setting. it was just SO cool. honetly, how many people do you know that get married on a stage in a theatre?!

it was so much fun, too. I danced my butt off, and apparently the people at that wedding weren't aware of my dance history cause I kept getting "yarcho, you're such a great dancer!" was very flattering. and everyone kept saying how beautiful all us bridesmaids were, I haven't felt that beautiful in a LONG time...'bout 9 months. it was just so great, brad and amanda were announced at the reception and came down in a glass elevator to "land down under". we did all the classics-footloose, shout, swing music, cotton-eyed joe, hokey pokey, all kinds of stuff. I even got my dad up for a dance...while my "date" sat in the corner talking. I should have known it would have been that way, whatever dude.

here are some photos:)

the beautiful bride

the wedding party

me and dad

what is it about teaching that makes me want to order kids around...everywhere?
if kids are being noisy, I innately think I have the right to tell them to "BE QUIET!"

I'm all set for spring break with ali! we are heading to PA to see Poff! I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited...I get to see her home, her baby, her place of business...and best of all, we're going to NYC!!! that's right, nick! my second visit has arrived! we are only going for the day, but still, I get to see Kelly and possibly my old pal Kwan! Plus, New York, hello!!! I can't even imagine how freaking awesome it will be to hang out in NYC with two of my best friends.

well, I need to get to bed...that is, as soon as sasha cohen has performed.

3 amazing tuesdays:
today-rent on dvd
next tuesday-walk the line on dvd
and the tuesday after that-GOBLET OF FIRE on dvd!

unfortunately I only have enough $ to be buying goblet, we'll see...I really don't know if I can hold out.


aw, black is precious!

and the flowers look so hot with the dresses! good looking wedding party!! :)

no gg. final destination 2 was on. can you say lame?

black is probably one of the cutest kids ever.

yeah I loved the colors, the grey of the suits looked hot too.

final destination blows. both of em.

Jr. BF

BF- you looked totally beautiful :) I am SO jealous you are going to NYC!

Re: Jr. BF

you're so nice to me, SR bf.

sasha tore it up last night. to be totally honest, i don't really like any of our women's skaters. i wish michelle kwan could've competed.

yeah, we got screwed.

that megan chick is too freaking cute.

of course, her name IS megan. it's only natural.

you look gorgeous, too, my dear. and i am in love with sasha cohen. and i miss you. and i already have goblet of fire. had it for almost two months, in fact. how much do i rock YOUR world?

thank you!

gorgeous, wow.
I didn't think megan stone hall would ever compliment me like that!

are you in love with sasha falling on her arse 2x?!

I miss you too.

and I like holding out for harry to come on dvd, it's thrilling. and I only have to wait one more week.

with fronds like these, who needs anemones?

but i adore you. why wouldn't i compliment people i adore?

and i still love sasha. she got silver. it's a prettier color anyway.

That's totally where I am having my wedding reception. I'd thought about doing the wedding there too BUT I think my parents would kill me. Love ya girl!

I come home ALL the time, we should probably hang out.

you'd better invite me!