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September 2006
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Kristi [userpic]
I forget myself, I want you to remind me...
everyday I pass signs...

ones that tug at my heart.
ones that throw my memories in my face.
ones that cause me to wonder about my future.

and then there's election signs.
"Judy Barr Topinka for Governor - Joe Birkett for Lt. Governor"

what in the CRAP is a Lt. Governor, I mean, don't answer...I know what it is...but what is this, the military?! how do they address these people? ......
"Bob, can you make sure and get those faxes out to the Treasurer?"
"Um, yes,"

why isn't it vice governor?
it's vice president! it's vice principal!

*why does one tree hill think its inspirational and dramatic?
cauuuuuuuse it's not.
yet, I still watch it. it's like a drug.
ok, except that camera shot was really good.*

if you haven't read The Giver, go. read it. right at this moment. it will change your life. it will change your outlook on life and everything that you have...the good and the bad. you will cry at the fact that you are able to experience colors, nature, love, and pain. seriously, quit reading the lame book you are reading and read this one instead.

everyday I feel like I am being judged. all the time. and I feel like I never do anything right. I really am trying my best, I want to be my best.

well, I am exhausted.
I need to watch that gg was so incredible.
what the crap? jess from gg is on a new show?!

my mom is the best.


reading the giver in jr. high doesn't count.

there's no way a jr. higher could understand that symbollism.

reread it for me.


and yeah huh! my friends and i would talk about the book even on our own time...and we talked about all that stuff you said now.

i do have a copy, though. buuuuut i'm not gonna read it until i'm done with prophets since i have to read one hundred hours a week for that class.