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Kristi [userpic]
not my post, but yours
debrief: this is the post of my longest best friend, jessica lee "uphoff" steffy. since probably none of you actually click on that "one of the best people I have ever met" link of mine, I thought I would share with you this particularly disturbing yet wonderfully written post. be prepared to shake your head in disgust at your fellow men.

Sunday, March 12, 2006
Oh, that? Don’t mind that. That’s just a person.

Tonight Josh called me while he was on his break at his other job (a certain coffee chain which shall remain nameless). He’s like, "Jess, you’re not gonna believe what happened tonight." You see, he’s a shift supervisor, and this was the end of the morning shift and the beginning of the evening shift. So there are more people around during shift changes than usual. This was a good thing tonight, because something bad happened.

The employee who was working at the drive-thru suddenly fell. Apparently she fell because she was having a seizure, and she also hit her head on the counter on her way to the floor. Josh was really scared. It’s a good thing that there were so many employees around to help. They called 911 and helped the girl out as best they could, but she was unconscious for a majority of the time after the seizure. All of the women went into action...each doing something to be useful in this awful situation. This left Josh and another guy standing there a little shaken up (and reasonably so!).

I should also mention that this all happened during a particularly busy "rush". So there were cars in the drive-thru waiting for their drinks and cars waiting to order. The line started backing up. The inside of the store was also busy, and the line started backing up in there too. But there’s an unconscious, seizing person on the floor, people! For the love of God! GEEZE!!! Ok, in all fairness, the people in the drive-thru didn’t see the girl lying on the floor...nor did they see the incident happen. So I can understand a certain degree of frustration on their parts. Some of the employees shut down the drive-thru and told the people who had already ordered what the situation was. But others were upset that they had to park and actually get out of the car *gasp* and go inside the store for their coffee.

Here’s the kicker, though: Josh was told to continue serving customers! I’m not kidding. It took the ambulance 20 minutes to arrive. And Josh was back behind the counter...having to step over this that he could make these idiotic people their frickin’ Venti, Non-fat, Mochas, with an extra shot of espresso. People who made it up to the front of the line could actually see that there was a real person on the floor...RIGHT THERE! But that didn’t stop them from spouting off their over-customized drink orders with a hint of frustration in their voice because of their abnormally long wait. Not one person asked whether she was alright or not. Not one person stumbled or delayed the ordering process with a second glance at the poor girl.

Where do I live? What are these things walking around that look like people? Because I was under the impression that the major distinguishing factor between human beings flippin’ animals is the fact that we have souls! We have a mind, a will, and emotions. We are capable of compassion. But sometimes when I hear about stuff like this happening, I honestly wonder if there is any distinction between people and animals anymore. Sorry to be a downer, guys...but come on! Now we even kill our own young...not just through abortion...but we also abandon them in trash cans and restroom stalls, we shake them to death or paralysis because we can’t control our anger, we choose to spend money on less important things at the expense of providing them with the nutrition and/or the environment that they need. I give the human race 10 years before we start eating our young too.


Ok...I know I can’t end there. I know there’s also a lot of good in this world. I mean, I just wrote a blog about how amazing my friends are and all that. But it’s really tough to see and hear things like this and not be angry. It’s a fallen, fallen, fallen world that we live in. So, just in case it’s not cut and dry, the moral of this story is: A person is and always will be more important than a Double Tall, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Non-fat Latte.

**all choked up**

I...I don't know what to say. You love me, you really LOVE me!!!

22 days to go!!!